Here are some answers to the most common questions asked to our support staff

Handheld Inkjet Printer FAQs

What are best practices to extend the life of the printer ?


Before installing and removing ink cartridges, be sure to turn off the printer.

What should I do to better protect the ink cartridge nozzle?


When not using ink cartridges, please close the protective cover in time.

Dip a soft paper towel with a small amount of alcohol before use, and then gently wipe the nozzle in one direction.

Why does the printer screen not work?


When you find that the screen of the printer is not working, it is most likely because it needs calibrating. Please calibrate the printer screen before reaching out to support .

For specific screen calibration steps please check the user manual.

Can the printer be equipped with photoelectric sensors?


Yes, our inkjet printer has an optional adapted photoelectric sensor. Please consult customer service before purchasing. this may save you a lot of headaches and / or money.

Can the handheld inkjet printer print on a bottle?


Yes, it can print on a glass and many more surfaces. Please check product page for more details.

You will be required to use the metal positioning plate which we provide to you for free with your handheld inkjet printer purchase.

What should I do if the printer doesn't print?


There can be many reasons why you may experience this. Here are some troubleshooting steps to follow:

  1. Check if the printer battery is charged.
  2. Check if there is ink in the ink cartridge.
  3. Switch the nozzle of the printer in the settings.
  4. After turning off the printer, reinstall the ink cartridge.
  5. Check whether the timing belt on the left side of the printer is off (not in the groove).
  6. If the above steps don't solve your issues, Please contact support at

The ink cartridge of the printer can print, but the printing is not clear. What should I do?


If you start getting prints that are unclear please troubleshoot using steps listed below:

  1. Check whether the ink cartridge nozzle is clean and dry, and wipe the nozzle carefully with a clean soft tissue. (Please refer to user manual for nozzle cleaning steps)
  2. Take out the ink cartridge when the printer is off, shake the nozzle down several times, and stick a clean paper towel on the surface of the nozzle to divert the ink in the box.
  3. Switch the nozzle of the printer in the settings.
  4. The above operation still cannot be solved, please replace the ink cartridge.

Is the Handheld Inkjet Printer rechargeable?


Yes. The charge will last up to 5 hours with continuous usage and up to 10 hours with intermittent use.

For best practices in charging your battery please follow steps listed below to insure longer life for your printer and battery:

  1. Please remove the battery at the bottom of the printer and charge it separately to avoid damage to the printer.
  2. Please use our special charger to charge the printer.
  3. When the printer is stored for a long time and not in use, it is recommended to safely charge and discharge it every three months.

What should I do if I start to see the printer phenomenon of wire drawing?


For your convenience the  ink in the cartridge is designed to be quick-drying, so in-order to avoid reduced capacity or the phenomenon known as wire drawing, 

  1. Please wipe the nozzle carefully with a clean soft tissue and if that doesn’t solve it you may need to change the printer nozzle to a new one.
  2. All ink cartridges should be covered immediately when not in use to avoid drying of ink and nozzle malfunction.